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The Peoples Complaint

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many total pages are in the complaint?

The complaint is 1,340 pages. It takes at least 3 binders to fill up a fraction of the Sheriff’s corruption. 

At what junctures in the life of this case is the public notified and how?

Only if and when the Grand Jury issues the accusation to the District Attorney. Otherwise, in July the Civil Grand Jury publishes a report on all cases it reviewed and considered during the previous year.

How many case laws are referenced?


How many US Constitutional amendments are violated?

Four. We believe the Sheriff has violated the 1st, 4th, 8th and 14th amendments of the U.S Constitution.

How many other laws are violated?

Thirteen. Under the People’s Complaint Sheriff Villanueva is accused of repeatedly breaking federal, state and municipal law, violating eight CA penal codes and two CA civil codes, along with two CA constitutional amendments, as well as three U.S. Codes. 

When was GC3060 last used in LA County? In CA?

The last time it was used in LA County was in 1959. The last time it was used in CA was as recent as this year (2021).

When was GC3060 last used to remove a Sheriff in LA County? In CA?

The last time it was used in LA County to remove the sheriff was in 1919, to remove John Casper Cline. The last time it was used to remove any sheriff in CA was in 1961, to remove Mervin M. Mullin, then Sheriff of Tuolumne County.

Note: These were the last times we could find based on an extensive search of public records and a legal database. This search would likely not cover unsuccessful attempts to remove a sheriff (e.g., where a citizen files a complaint but an accusation is not issued by the Grand Jury).

Where can i read the whole complaint?